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My Novel Unforgettable' 14/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 14/44

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

Kei listened to Kaori through the cellular phone, being swayed by the chill from an air-duct. It sounded the sordid bustle of a city like Shinjuku, but there would be little differences in the bustle of Tokyo. Kei answered,”OK.” and continued to talk.
“Where are you now?”
“I’m taking a break.”
Kaori said to Kei being relieved. Kaori’s voice sounded a little heavy in the bustle.
“I’m waiting.”

The harbor at night was seen from steps of a building facing to the port. The lights of town sway on the water like a transparent lake and reflect on the darkness silently. A line of lights sent out from the window of a building across the river absorbs the outline and reaches the dark waves. In the white belt of lights that extended horizontally, particles of lights crystallized twinkling. The scene of light particles breathing sparsely, smashed by the deep stillness of night, was more beautiful than Kei pictured.

“Waited long?”
Kaori’s clothes were always simple, though she was involved with big events organized by TV station. “Simple” does not mean “shabby”. It seemed to me that she has some suits in a same style and wears rotating them. In Kei’s room, there were some similar thin white blouses, black stockings, glossy patent leather high heels and also leather black high heels that were put in each shoe case. Kaori leaped up her eyes and mumbled that she could spend with Kei for a week, while putting all of them in a closet in the corner of the room. Kei has seldom seen bland clothes that other girls of her age have. Things Kei noticed were only Danna Karan hemp jacket and Prada leather heels. Those were not that expensive, thinking of her income. Kei thought that they were rather cheap.

Therefore Kei thought that Kaori’s figure of walking seemed vivacious and more beautiful than other girls, perhaps, thanks to her silhouette. Kei has asked Kaori about it. Kaori smiled softly, put her hand on the cheek of Kei lying next to her and said modestly, “Thank you.”

When Kei and Kaori met in Sibuya, office workers behind Kaori rested their gaze on her at the counter as if they drank too much. A sharp chin, moderately stretched shoulders that look healthy, the swell of breasts that make a deep shadow on a blouse, a tight skirt that stuck to the hourglass waist, all of them to toes wrapped with thin, black stockings, elegantly stayed in heels.....

Those made Kei feel superior somewhat, but anxiety was much larger than that. Since her decent messages in e-mails were unsuitable for him, Kei could not remove his unsteady mind until the first night with Kaori. Kei understood that Osawa was attracted to a girl like Kaori. If Kei asked her about love for a guy with a wife and child, how would Kaori deny it? But Kei was irritated with himself since he could ask her about that. It’s frustrating and bitter sweet feelings well up in him as he bites his back tooth. Kaori’s smile before Kei was tenderer, Kei seemed to have shut his mouth harder.

Kaori sat down before Kei who rested himself at stairs, then smiled, pushing back her tips of hair, tousled by a night breeze, with her right hand.
“Not that long. I was just strolling.”
Kei said standing up. Then Kaori handed over a paper bag before Kei.
“Let’s have sandwiches, looking at night view. I made at a back room.”
Kaori ran out to the spreading night view, taking Kei’s hand abruptly, saying,
”Come along on!”

Kaori removed wrapping carefully and handed it to Kei at the bench where the sound of the waves were heard right there. The distorted white moon fell on the other side of a steel fence along the sidewalk.
Kei took off the lid of coffee cup and handed it to Kaori. Kaori said, making her black eyes bulged with pleasant surprise,” Thank you.” Kaori’s murmur sounded like being melted into the faint smell of tide. It overlapped her clear eyes and filled Kei’s heart. For a second, a flash across the river twinkled in the darkness and the sound of dark waves died away. Then Kaori nodded silently.
“I wanted to eat in this way some day. I used to pass here. It was just dull.”

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