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My Novel Unforgettable' 13/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 13/44

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

But it was past 11 o’ clock when Kaori returned to Kei’s room that night. Kei doubted that Kaori spent the third night with Osawa. That day a guy of a publisher who introduced Osawa to Kaori asked her to come to a party by all means. Kaori participated in it reluctantly, taking care not to reject it rashly. But it is possible for them to meet in the daytime if they wish to meet, not only three nights.

Kei forcibly turned away the doubts which came to mind and disappeared repeatedly. It seemed to be meaningless even if he questions her closely now. Before that, Kei felt that Osawa’s words made the meaning of Kaori’s existence clear. Kei threw a closer, strange question at Kaori, driving away thoughts which tangled again.
“I guess his wife is listening to this program too.”
“You don’t know, Kei?” Kaori said, trying to put on her jacket.
Kei listened to Kaori’s cool voice.
“Writer’s wife doesn’t read her husband’s book.”

“Producers really like showy directions.”
Rika had a seat next to Ken. Then she took a laptop out of her bag, opened and handed it before Kei. Some circles of lights had fallen through the window of a fast-food shop, with lots of fingerprints stains, overlapped each other and wrapped roundly the Enter key Rika tapped
There were various comments regarding the affair of last night. Kei accessed the browser address shown. It was from FM station he was working for.
“Some of the comments are really disgusting. Besides the minority opinions are outstanding. How vexing!”

Kei’s eyes have already followed them. Most of them were negative ones like a private use of public radio wave (This opinion is too ordinary.) or narcissism which exists in any time. But some favorable opinions also caught his eye like “This artist does it coolly. That’s why I like him.”

Kei put his coffee cup back to him and asked Rika who blew up a small bag of straw into a ceiling.
“Who is in the spotlight?”
Rika put her finger on the display and slid it smoothly, holding a straw in her mouth. It was a little below the center.
《I don’t mind how hard I will be blamed. I just want to have such a hard time.》
“That’s her, isn’t it?”
“No way. Kaori has been busy for the event.”
Rika kept silent all of a sudden. After a while she said, rocking a glass of Coke to make ice sound,
“She is Kaori......I see, and a receptionist, now I’ve got....”
Kei clack his tongue in his mind. He tried to be vague about such personal backgrounds of Kaori when he consulted with Rika.
Kei supposed that Rika would get disappointed knowing about Kaori. But she looked very cool, more cheerful than a little while ago, then said,
“Why don’t you put an end? She is not a good match. I mean, unbalance...and she is older than you, right? Much older... “

Kei was thinking of last night, ignoring Rika’s words. Rika was shaking her head, getting into the rhythm of flashy 60’s that flows down from a ceiling speaker over the long and narrow counter. Kei talked to Rika.
“It would be filled with a lot of people in an instant if he talks about such a matter at a radio station, I guess. I mean “the back door”.”
“Right, many people will come. There would not be confusion, though. But I guess few people know him. Except Kaori.”

Someone passed behind Kei and the hot wind came from an open door at exit. Kei got out in a flurry, feeling a faint scent of Kaori in the heat that cut the chill.
There was a hustle and bustle of Shinjuku that had been unchanged.
Rika said, “What’s the matter?” and tried to chase Kei. But Kei ignored her and came backed to the store in a hurry and looked over the inside of the store. In the long, narrow store, there were some round tables and circling around them, a group of collage students who seem to have a meeting. A woman in a suit like Kaori or a man looks like an office worker with a tie was not found.

Kei told Rika that nothing mattered. Rika was shoveling French fries into her mouth without a break. Then Kei’s cellular phone vibrated. Kei took it behind him. “Kaori” in alphabet appeared in the display.
“Won’t you come to the hall?”
Rika was about to utter from a mouth filled with potatoes and Kei hastily covered his right hand to her mouth. Rika’s soft lips tickled Kei’s palm.
“OK! Where should I go?”
“At the bottom of steps to TV station, not the front door of the event hall. I will be right there, perhaps a little past nine.”
In the middle of the conversation, the cellular phone vibrated again and Kei looked at the display. It indicated “3” that showed a three-way call. Kei pushed the button silently to block it, being aware that it was a call from his father.

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