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Avatar stealaway

She threw in the coin.

She threw in the coin.
The newspaper was obtained, and the waist was dropped to a deep seat.
Profile of woman who is reading seriously.
You said.
Why do you read the newspaper?

She did not take her eyes off the article.
After that, it answered quietly.
It knows the world by 75 cents. From today's event in the past and the future.

You laughed a reasonable answer.
She said while turning over pages.
Our hint in the future is recorded here, too.
What ?

She said while folding a newspaper.
If it wants to know, 75 cents.

A soft smile has extended to her mouth.

Guam2009 shot.... 3/6

images from Next novel
'Still would stand all time '
( unforgettable' 2 )

Caravan of Dreams - Peter White

Photograph of today.
It is unpublished.

Site recorded in book.
I up-loaded it.

Postscript 2.
Today's text.
I prepared 6 languages.
My Novel Unforgettable' 18/456
Mitsushiro Nakagawa

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .


2010. The end of March.

Information on my book

I published a book.
Title is 'unforgettable'.
Author name is Mitsushiro Nakagawa.

The book displays photographs and design around my novel.

My book has an ISBN code, and you can buy it at any bookstore nearby.
Also it is available at the following site.
Title of my book unforgettable'

Author Mitsushiro Nakagawa

Out Now. ISBN978-4-86264-866-2

You can buy it in Amazon.

English site.

Please input, and retrieve my name.


You can buy my book.

Japanese'Guide site.
about my book .

The following exhibition.


May 15, 2010.
May 16, 2010.

Tokyo Big sight.

Design festival.

There is a light that never goes out.

Tokyo Big sight.

Design festival.
I went to New York 2007.
Day when Japan was left. March 9. Afternoon.
Day where it returned to Japan. March 14. Afternoon.
I am in Japan now.

The photograph in New York starts as follows.
Attention:Dear Fotologgers.
Japanese is the following.

On March 10 2010 41 Views

Avatar stealaway

Stealaway On 11/03/2010


Avatar s01_mi0

S01_mi0 On 11/03/2010

( K )

Avatar s01_mi0

S01_mi0 On 11/03/2010


Hasta pronto________

Donde solo existas tú...

Avatar niinfoomana

Niinfoomana On 10/03/2010

si puedes agregame a ff :B

Avatar qmancrazy

Qmancrazy On 10/03/2010

si qres mis lindas firmitas
avisa y jugamos 10x10 o mas
y agregam al flog

Avatar lala_sama

Lala_sama On 10/03/2010

She knows the world for 75 cents
I know free ......

Every morning at the entrance of the metro and some bus stops, newspaper delivered (THE TIME and PUBLIMETRO) free. No need to spend money to see the world.

I understand that the publication is delivered PUBLIMETRO also in Japan.

Friend, good night, sweet dreams:)

Avatar receeloosaa

Receeloosaa On 10/03/2010

m paso pasa plis

Avatar retroluqi2

Retroluqi2 On 10/03/2010

Efeamos porfavor (? te agrego si o si apenas se act los reverses
NUNCA CAGUE A NADIE, sino fijate mis amigos/favoritos
espero que me visites y ayudes
desde ya muchisimas gracias

Avatar gooo1

Gooo1 On 10/03/2010

Mi amooooooor :$ ase un click dale ? :$
[ ]

Avatar solotepretendo2

Solotepretendo2 On 10/03/2010

Beso :)

Avatar gooo1

Gooo1 On 10/03/2010

Amooooooor un click te pido nada ams :(

Avatar cristyblue

Cristyblue On 10/03/2010

Hiii Mitsushiro!!

To Know about whole world for 75 Cents.. Is just perfect!!!

Fantastic Photo!!

Avatar iamviiip

Iamviiip On 10/03/2010



Avatar eramartins

Eramartins On 10/03/2010

agregame a ff
agrego por reverse

Avatar ale_villca

Ale_villca On 10/03/2010

¡Te agregue a mis amigos!

¿Me agregas vos tambien? :)

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