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Avatar stealaway

A sweet memory in summer was wrapped in the evening of the port.

September. Evening of port.
You heard her word last night.
The voice trembled.

Way back from office.
You stopped your foot as it faced the port it.
And, the cellular phone was opened.
It tried to call her number.

However, you shut the telephone.
Strong wind at moment that blows from port and came off.
The smell of a nostalgic salt was included in the wind.

A sweet memory in summer was wrapped in the evening of the port.

Makuhari chiba Japan 2009 shot......... 1.9/3
(photed 16.sep. 2009.)

Bob Baldwin - Summer Breeze (feat. Marion Meadows)

Photograph of today. It is an unpublished photograph.
2009. September 16. Japan.
Chiba Prefecture Makuhari. Hotel.
I stayed.
It took a picture while strolling.

Today's text.
6 languages.
I prepared it.
The following guest book.
My Novel Unforgettable' 18/456
Mitsushiro Nakagawa

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .



Information on my book

I published a book.
Title is 'unforgettable'.
Author name is Mitsushiro Nakagawa.

The book displays photographs and design around my novel.

My book has an ISBN code, and you can buy it at any bookstore nearby.
Also it is available at the following site.
Title of my book unforgettable'

Author Mitsushiro Nakagawa

Out Now. ISBN978-4-86264-866-2

You can buy it in Amazon.

English site.

Please input, and retrieve my name.


You can buy my book.

Japanese'Guide site.
about my book .

The following exhibition.


May 15, 2010.
May 16, 2010.

Tokyo Big sight.

Design festival.

There is a light that never goes out.

Tokyo Big sight.

Design festival.
I went to New York 2007.
Day when Japan was left. March 9. Afternoon.
Day where it returned to Japan. March 14. Afternoon.
I am in Japan now.

The photograph in New York starts as follows.
Attention:Dear Fotologgers.
Japanese is the following.

On December 06 2009 108 Views

Avatar stealaway

Stealaway On 07/12/2009


Avatar capoeira49

Capoeira49 On 07/12/2009

Papa Noel necesita tu ayuda para abrir su portal magico, lo ayudas? enviaselos a tus amigos y hace click en la imagen de papa noeL!

Avatar lilu_story

Lilu_story On 07/12/2009

very beautiful. excellent composition and light.
i love it.


Avatar s01_mi0

S01_mi0 On 07/12/2009


HASTA SIEMPRE___________


Necesito de tus palabras
que me hacían viajar por mi mente,
por mi imaginación,
necesito de tus brazos que me hacían sentir tranquilo,
necesito de tus labios...





Avatar ted_weber

Ted_weber On 06/12/2009

beautiful silhouettes =]

Avatar argentina54

Argentina54 On 06/12/2009



Our objective is to show our country (Argentina) To the WORLD. HELP US.! Put /argentina54 in your F/F. We will add your FOTOLOG to our F/F list in return.

Thank you very much.



Nuestro objetivo es mostrar nuestro pais (Argentina) Al mundo. AYUDENOS.! Ponga a /argentina54 en sus F/F. Nosotros agregaremos a su FOTOLOG a nuestra lista de F/F como respuesta.

Muchas gracias.


Avatar damia_zb

Damia_zb On 06/12/2009

yeah!! this is me!!!
i'd like to come in japan...
it's a kind of dream...
also i'd like to go in china


Avatar xthiitox

Xthiitox On 06/12/2009

oye hay mano pa FFs

te agrego y thu me AGREGAS??

[ ]

Avatar mamooshka

Mamooshka On 06/12/2009

Oh!!! Beautiful shot...

Avatar shechenco

Shechenco On 06/12/2009

vos si q sos moglik la cnch d tu madr hij de mil put.


Avatar sigloxx1

Sigloxx1 On 06/12/2009

pensamiento lateral Opinaa :)

Avatar ddio

Ddio On 06/12/2009

Very poetic image!


Avatar stealaway

Stealaway On 06/12/2009


Avatar stealaway

Stealaway On 06/12/2009


Avatar tornadonova

Tornadonova On 06/12/2009

Lindo :)
I'm fine :))

a big enormous kiss!!!!!!


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