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My Novel Unforgettable' 9/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 9/44
Mitsushiro Nakagawa

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

Rika’s white Tretorn blocked and stopped just in front of Kei who was walking looking down. Ken looked up and saw Rika’s white teeth shinning on her suntanned face.
"Where are you going?”
"None of your business."
"Secondhand record shop or bookstore again?"

Kei sighed heavily to the word. He turned around to Rika whose eyes were sparkling and said to her. Her T-shirt was dazzlingly white.
"Don’t follow me.”
"Why do you always look for secondhand goods?”
“They don’ have lousy noise like you.”
Rika didn’t mind Kei's tone at all and said,
“How did you get to know her? The reason why you took five days off school was her, not a cold, right? I saw you two. Just the time when you were getting on a taxi at the intersection in Shibuya last Friday night. You know, that place stands out. Kei, you made love with her that day? I doubt her. She looks so smart.”

In a hurried crowd, Rika shouted cheerfully to Kei's back. Kei thought of Kaori while walking because Rika just his age mentioned Kaori. Kei did not feel the difference of six years at all through the talk with Kaori. Besides there was little difference between Kei and Kaori as for an understanding of music, a view about pictures and favorite books they had read.

But it is Kei’s view and not necessarily Kaori’s view. By any chance, Kaori might think that Kei is just a boy younger, innocent and sulky like Rika mentions. Actually they made a fuss at a first meeting.

Kei had hesitation about chic fashion that looks like a grown-up, still he didn’t hate it. But it is only Kei’s impression. Kaori might hate his 501 jeans. It is quite out of the question to put on Converse sneakers with torn laces. Just spending one week together might be a little staying out late at night and be no sense for a woman like Kaori.

Kei stopped and opened the cellular phone. What would Kaori say if I conveyed my feeling to Kaori?
A series of shrill horns rebounded to the wall of the building.
Kei vertically looked up at the building in the back turning around. A series of windows of sheer buildings were blurred right and left momentarily, and the stagnant clouds were flowing low at an end. Right under the Kei's view, there was Rika, keeping some distance from Kei. Kei slowly went through the crowd and said to Rika keeping silent, with her head down,
“How about tea? I’ll treat you”
Rika’s eyes shone dazzlingly. She was suddenly in a gay mood, changing her expression totally and put her arm around Kei’s back. Kei brushed it away in silent

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