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My Novel Unforgettable' 4/44 .. Mitsushiro Nakagawa

My Novel Unforgettable' 4/44 .. Mitsushiro Nakagawa

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

Kei sat on a stool sticking his hand into his pocket of 501 jeans and asked Kaori without hesitation, looking down at the silent night view of Shibuya.
“Why you wanted to meet me?”
"Why did you come here?” Kaori said taking out her cellular phone of her handbag on the counter.
Kei kept silent to her cool tone. Then he looked around. At an oval table behind him,
men wearing suits and women who seemed to have finished their works were chatting loudly. It was the laughter which suits Friday night and a nuisance for Kei today.

"I was just interested in you, I mean if you are really the one as shown in the photo."
“You mean if I am pretty or not? Well, I also came here to confirm that you are actually a cool guy.”
"You look down on me?"
"It is you who look down on.”
Kaori looked at her open cellular phone for a while and looked at Kei. Her cool gaze was like controlling Kei’s answer, not like conceit or sarcasm.
“You wanted to meet me because I am pretty. That’s the same reason as other guys who left messages on my page. I didn’t want to meet you if you have just the only reason.”

Kaori reached out the tips of fingers for a glass and drew it slowly. When the glass was shifted, a blue line of neon intersected diagonally at a rim of the glass. A light circle in clear blue extended to the table.
“When I wrote I wanted to know more music that exists in his background, you only
taught me seriously and politely. I saw your photo on your page linked and thought that you …….”

“So, are you really going to meet him?”
When Kei interrupted in a low voice, Kaori slowly drew the jaw and smiled. The chill of air-conditioning duct got down on Kei’s flushed chest and his T-shirt swelled in it. The smell of the sweat stank.

Kaori closed her eyes and tried to push her waist back slowly. The slit of her tight skirt swelled, and it distorted smoothly. The breast of her blouse shook faintly and a white line of her lingerie shone lightly through the transparent material.

“I’ve not received his mail on my cellular phone yet. There is not a reply though I sent just a little a few days ago thinking that I will be asked about it for sure. But I think that he received it because it didn’t return to me by an error. Perhaps you will believe me if you read his mail. He said that his office is at Omotesando and he always beats a keyboard at a cafe of coffee specialty on the first floor.”

Kaori Uemura has mentioned how it came about in exchanging several e-mails with Kei.
After she graduated from the department of literature of the university which is famous for the English language and literature course in Chiyoda Ward, she chose a temporary job, not a permanent job on purpose. When Kei asked the reason, she said that it is not likely that she could meet her longing artist if she becomes stable after finding a permanent job and live a stereotyped life. Her smiling face told me what she wanted to say. In addition, her face proudly told that a qualification for a secretary is also the first class. It seems to be useful for some other work in order to be employed in a big event.

Kaori had believed that she surely could get connections some time and meet the artist whom she had been yearning for a long time as long as she manages a showy, big event as a staff in such an industry. She met a man editor at an event of a major publisher which will be under the umbrella of the TV station which looks toward the port. He didn’t have personal acquaintances with the artist, but he introduced a producer of a radio program which treated the artist.

But the time when Kaori met the producer was three months ago, and there was not a chance to meet with him at all afterwards. Moreover, she has heard nothing from him since, either.

Kei received a glass directly from a bartender and took a sip. It was a sweet, transparent cocktail and soaked into his flushing body.


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