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My Novel Unforgettable' 3/44 .. Mitsushiro Nakagawa

My Novel Unforgettable' 3/44 .. Mitsushiro Nakagawa

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

On the other sides of Kei's widely open eyes, there was Kaori's smile. It was a calm, warm smile like wrapping slowly sweeping the inside of Kei's heart away. Kei got his hands down on the concrete floor being hold by her. Then he quietly stared at Kaori's smile fighting against the cold feeling from the tips of fingers. The stripe of a blue, white light from the window falls gradually, and it stays on Kaori's cheek.
The pale light made the thin mist and it seemed to draw him in to the far place somewhere that Kei did not know, and Kei opened his eyes. He wiped the stream of tears down the corner of his eyes with the back of his hand.
“Any girl who slept with me said that I was a kind of weird guy because I was always trembling. I thought it was natural. But Kaori …”

Kei crouched down trembling in her breasts. Kaori smoothed down his hair in silence. The mother's soft memory overlapped with the soft touch of her fingers, and his heart was wrung almost torn off.
“Recently I found that I tremble when I draw, too. Feel like tremble feebly inside of the finger, not the tip of the finger. You know the story that Van Gogh cut off his ear?”
Kaori dropped the glance to Kei after she looked up at the ceiling a minute.
"Yeah, I know. It's famous. I've read about the story when I was a student. So it might be ambiguous, but the critic says that he just wanted to cut off the sound of the external world. He seems to have been mentally unstable, too."
Kei's eyelid trembled a little hearing Kaori's vague words.

"Maybe it might be right. But I think that there were surely other reasons. Kaori mysteriously looked into Kei's eyes.
"Gogh found another character in himself. Another consciousness dimly comes up to the surface when he drowse looking at the object quietly with the calm eyes. But an accurate sense of distance is necessary between himself in the consciousness and himself in the reality. The sense of distance should be moderate, not too far and not too close.”

Kei drew in his chin once, stopped talking a minute and continued again.
"Gogh noticed the sense. That's why he wanted kind of pain to keep the consciousness back to the reality, that is, to keep the sense of the distance somehow.”

The sound of the shower became distant from Kaori's ear a moment. Kaori smiled to distract Kei's attention.
"I can't understand that kind of sense. You always have such a sense, Kei?"
Kei turned away his eyes from Kaori and nodded. White paint spills over the bare concrete. This place was the one he gave up painting.
"Kaori... "?
"Do you believe what I told you?"
Kaori's arms interrupted Kei's voice which sounded gloomy. Her arms slid down and drew Kei's shoulder quietly.
When Kaori's soft breast touched Kei's cheek again, Kaori nodded small, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

It was a night seven days ago. Kaori and Kei arranged to meet at the bar where they can look down at the intersection in Shibuya. The bar was on the eighth floor. The wall itself was round and glass-lined and flashes of neon lamps in the town got entangled incessantly over the floor in the dim inside of the bar. Kei showed up in the bar being 30 minutes behind time on purpose. The bar was crowded with people because it was Friday night.

Kaori was sitting in a stool at the counter by the window, seeing the outside dimly. She slowly stood up when she noticed a sign of Kei who stood next to Kaori. It was a smooth, faultless motion, kind of getting used to the bar.
"Mr. Kitami?"
Kei forgot to greet and was looking up at Kaori's eyes. Her eyes were several centimeters up from Kei's ones. Kei did not notice it in her photograph on SNS, which was taken with her friends in the event site. The stripe of light that stacked to her stockings falls smoothly from the inside of her tightened skirt, and was collected beautifully on the tip of pointed heels.
The heels shone momentarily in the coming neon light. A sweet smell has fallen under Kei’s nose.

“I am taller. I should have worn pumps?”
Kaori raised the heel lightly and looked down the feet. Then she smiled ducking her head. A calm smile swayed in the clear black pupil of her slit eyes. When a waiter came, Kaori got the heels down and looked into the eyes of Kei who was standing vacantly. Silver earrings gleamed in the view of Kei who hung his head.

"The same one, please. He is under age.” Kaori said so with a smile.
Gross shone smoothly with the smile that floated on the mouth. The soft warmth of Kaori’s body appeared and disappeared in the other side of her cold feeling, and it was comfortable for Kei.
The bartender left a light smile and moved to a man and a woman who sat next to them.

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My Novel Unforgettable' 8/456
Mitsushiro Nakagawa

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

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