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My Novel Unforgettable' 1/44 Mitsushiro Nakagawa

My Novel Unforgettable' 1/44 Mitsushiro Nakagawa

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .


There are two reasons why a person faces the sea.
One, to enjoy a slice of shine in the sea like children bubbling over in the beach.
The other, to brush the dust of memory like an old man who misses old days, staring at the shine quietly.
Those lead to only one meaning though they do not seem to overlap. It’s a rebirth.
I face myself to change tomorrow, a vague day into something certain.
That is the meaning of a rebirth.

I had a very sweet girlfriend when I was 18.
After she left, I knew the meaning of gentleness for the first time and also a true pain of loss. After she left, how many times did I depend too much on her, doubt her, envy her and keep on telling lies until I realized it is love?
I wonder whether a nobody like me could have given something to her who was struggling in the daily life in those days. Giving something is arrogant conceit. It is nothing but self?satisfaction.

I had been thinking about such a thing.
However, I guess what she saw in me was because I had nothing. That‘s why she tried to see something in me. Perhaps she found a slight possibility in me, a guy filled with ambiguous, unstable tomorrow. But I wasted days depending too much on her gentleness.
Now I finally can convey how I felt in those days when we met.


Lukewarm wind licked the cheek. The wind went down once and quietly swelled the ? bottom of a curtain. Then it passed Key sprawling, grazing his cheek and slid down
over a stain standing out on the wall by a closet.
The tip of Kaori’s nails which looks like floating through a sheet turned like being pushed slightly with the wind.
The edge of her pedicure shone thinly in the room having an ambiguous frame with a glimmer which is not continuous shining weakly. It was calm light.

"What time is it?"
"Well, maybe five or so..."

Kei left the sofa when he answered Kaori so, came near the window, and pulled the curtains back slowly. A blue silence has extended to the outside. The sky in Shinjuku where the night is dragged is still covered with dark and dull blue, and has sunk deeply. The entire town is covered with a thin veil of silence and full energies are inhaled completely. Glossy heat at night that would be a minute ago was not found anywhere.

Kaori hauled the edge of the blanket in to the mouth impatiently and watched Kei's back, twisting the half of her body. The hoarse voice showing her tiredness has been heard from Kei's back.
"Such a short time! One week!"
She stretched out her arm to the table by the side to pick up her cellular phone and pulled it to the blanket. The faint light has loomed up roundly in the back.
"As I told you. No mail from Mr.Ohsawa. "
She told it in the muffled voice and pulled the blanket back. She dimly looked at the other side of the window for a while, and took her deep sigh. The sigh sank in the light shadow on a twisted sheet.

Kaori got her feet down from the bed, and came on tiptoe near Kei by the window while keeping an eye on not to step on the record on the floor.
The record jackets that Kaori spread has extended to all over the floor of Kei's room which has ten meters on all sides. Kaori stepped aside Kei's side in a way of leaping aside them.
In Kei's room, about ten scrapped business cars were left when the room was a warehouse before. But all were taken away by his father through the due procedure within last year.

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