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This coming Saturday.

I up-load the photograph from Manhattan.
I am hardly writing in return now.

I do not have malice.

I'm sorry.

If you have time, let's meet.

Japanese is the following.
<A HREF="http://steal-a.way-nifty.com/" TARGET=_top>http://steal-a.way-nifty.com/</A>

On March 07 2007 16 Views

Avatar fotoparodia

Fotoparodia On 13/03/2007

it has been a long time no see. :Dbeautiful picturesee you.

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 13/03/2007

Ready to go?Take care, and relax, every now and then...:)eli

Avatar lain_iwakuraa

Lain_iwakuraa On 12/03/2007

oii tudo bem??desculpa ta sumida eh que to sem net:((beijossda hora a foto!!

Avatar pechocolombo

Pechocolombo On 11/03/2007

yeah... that one is the city were i live... bogotá...great sun in ur photos.... have a nice weekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Avatar mesic

Mesic On 11/03/2007

ah!de dónde sos?Dou you have msn?QUiero saber cómo lo haces =)

Avatar stealaway

Stealaway On 11/03/2007

I am in New York now. However, it failed to up-load the photograph. It up-loads it when returning to Japan. :)

Avatar mechanism

Mechanism On 10/03/2007

nice shot !

Avatar marc_m_m

Marc_m_m On 10/03/2007

Hi Steala! Such a long time! Love & enjoy your pics! They are like a box of chocolates: love them a lot & never know what we might find inside! That is the surprise driver!Come to mine whenever you want! You are always welcome!Happy Saturday,MarC

Avatar naigel_cl

Naigel_cl On 08/03/2007

I like your way to see the world. The little things make that we can see the positive life vision. People usually don't see their environment and walk hurry trough the life. But if we stop for a moment a see the sun shine and the rain's drop fall we've realized that the life is beautiful.Best regardsGood ByeAdiósHej då!aLEp

Avatar juboyd

Juboyd On 08/03/2007

I love human pictures with b&w! And this one is not reaaly an exception, thefore it's fantastic!How are you doing, my friend? I hope everything is ok with you!Enjoy Manhattan!Kusjes!

Avatar schwamendingen

Schwamendingen On 08/03/2007

great work

Avatar kahless

Kahless On 07/03/2007

ver good one

Avatar barbariita_mr

Barbariita_mr On 07/03/2007

I like your photograph B&W :)hav a nice day :)Bárbara

Avatar caroliin4

Caroliin4 On 07/03/2007

hanging out saturday is very nice thing to do! take care!

Avatar urbanrasta

Urbanrasta On 07/03/2007


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