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Peter and Elisabeth share a pretzel at the Gates, Central Park, NYC. 2 second pinhole exposure.

On February 20 2005 30 Views

Avatar 2thumbs

2thumbs On 13/04/2005

loving your pics.

Avatar canolux

Canolux On 07/04/2005

mhm, very nice!

Avatar canuck

Canuck On 07/04/2005

Nice one squaremeals!

Avatar test

Test On 06/04/2005


Avatar cirofconfusion

Cirofconfusion On 04/04/2005

Hello , nope I didn`t take any pictures of the gates !!boycott , more important things people can do to save the city , like stop the west side stadium , which is a hiddden gentrification , to end some of the west side rent control . I live in hells kitchen , where they want to build & I`m rent stablized . To Hell With The Stadium & The Mayor , he has money , I don`t .

Avatar jesus_loves_me

Jesus_loves_me On 04/04/2005

lovely pictures here.. :)

Avatar davidgarchey

Davidgarchey On 02/04/2005

Veal`s brain. Very hard to find, it has to be ordered at the butcher`s. Tasty, though.

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