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~ Ripping the Lip ~

Looks like this guy is falling but he is not. He successfully makes this turn and drops back down into the wave for more moves.
I was going to post something else but thought this needed to follow the last shot.
I hope all you floggers that drop by are doing well and getting some great shots. I make the rounds as time allows, and I appreciate all the visits, even the silent ones,

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Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 17/03/2005

Fantastic action shot again! I wish I could see well enough to try that......

Avatar menacingdennis

Menacingdennis On 16/03/2005

aloha! amazing surfing! having tried to learn i have to admit that this takes serious skill and commitment from a young age.

Avatar pellegrini

Pellegrini On 16/03/2005

What a wonderful serie!

Avatar wolfy

Wolfy On 16/03/2005

Great action, Leigh.No, the Iditarod wasn`t canceled. The start got moved a few miles north is all, which is nothing new - it`s been moved 4 of the 5 winters I`ve been here, once all the way up to Fairbanks.

Avatar monster900

Monster900 On 16/03/2005


Avatar anton

Anton On 16/03/2005

Another great surf shot!

Avatar natmeister

Natmeister On 16/03/2005

looks like a fun ride! nice action shot

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To_the_deva On 16/03/2005

Hey, Sparky, surf`s up!!!How`s it going?? Great captures by the best!!

Avatar wattwurm

Wattwurm On 16/03/2005

I wish I could do this too now...A good action pic, Leigh!

Avatar paulapcda

Paulapcda On 16/03/2005

your fotolog is really cool! ;)

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