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~ Sunday Surfer Carves a Line ~

...I suppose it is already Monday everywhere else...Oh well, I snapped this on todays gray Sunday afternoon.

On March 14 2005 37 Views

Avatar suboeki

Suboeki On 15/03/2005

olala, living on a tiny island before Tofino.. wonderful! I wanna do something similar, have to convince my husband that life outside of the city is worthwhile as well though... How do you find Hawaii?

Avatar 2belovedbayou

2belovedbayou On 15/03/2005

Surf and SNOW!!! Is there anything else in that wonderful area you live in. If you keep this up everyone will move from the main land to your wonderful island. Do you know the guys snow skiing?? How long does the snow last over there? Is it seasonalor is it there year round??Aloha - have a great day.

Avatar asura

Asura On 15/03/2005


Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 14/03/2005

Beautiful capture!

Avatar dimilinchen

Dimilinchen On 14/03/2005

Even on a rey afternoon you shoot excellent pictures!

Avatar fodd

Fodd On 14/03/2005

This is such a cool photo! Love the steely blue colour of the water.

Avatar suboeki

Suboeki On 14/03/2005

however beautiful your Hawaiian pictures, I miss your West Coast ones. Now that I live here (at the Canadian West Coast) I find myself going through your archive every now and then to see your whales and eagles and bears.;-)

Avatar deny_pas

Deny_pas On 14/03/2005

Wow... everytime is a great emotion ...lots of great shots!kissesDenise

Avatar tokinsurfergirl

Tokinsurfergirl On 14/03/2005

awesome shot!

Avatar anton

Anton On 14/03/2005

Wonderful shot! Your photo from March 9th is truly magnificent!

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