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~ Forest Murphy, Hawaii snowboard champ ~

February 6th near the top of Mauna Kea volcano (13,796 feet or 4,200 metres). As Forrest said, "The altitude slows down all your functions; you get all giggly and stuff; here you get a lot higher without doing drugs."
The altitude he got on his jumps indicates his functions were still intact!

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Avatar sparkyleigh

Sparkyleigh On 06/05/2005

Where did all my previous comments go!!??Fotolog sure is an ongoing mess~

Avatar deeshots

Deeshots On 16/03/2005

The surf pictures on 14./16.03 are great!

Avatar paulapcda

Paulapcda On 16/03/2005

I really like sunsets!about women... well, most of the photos there the womAn is ME! maybe, when you have more time, you can surf more there and realize I nave many more interests! ;)GREAT PIC! :)

Avatar asura

Asura On 15/03/2005


Avatar alibee

Alibee On 14/03/2005

Were all bumbed about lack of snow in Washington. Crystal Mtn, & other Ski Resorts here dont even have enough to be open. Who would have thought there`d be more in Hawaii!!!Surfing the Snow & the Sea~~~ Must be nice!

Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 12/03/2005

Wonderful action shot!

Avatar bilderwerk

Bilderwerk On 12/03/2005

...coming from the "Old world" this looks a bit strange but very fascinating to me..skiing in Hawaii...I am used to skiing in the Alps....

Avatar walb

Walb On 12/03/2005

<A HREF="http://photos5.flickr.com/6385881_d5edfcade6.jpg" TARGET=_top>http://photos5.flickr.com/6385881_d5edfcade6.jpg</A>

Avatar artofgold

Artofgold On 12/03/2005

Ooooh, that is beautiful!

Avatar 2belovedbayou

2belovedbayou On 12/03/2005

Not Right!! Beautiful beaches and SNOW!!!!You really do like in paradise.Hope all is well - I have been too busy. Just started taking pictures agin. Have a beautiful day over there. I have been listening to Maui radio live on the internet. That`s about how close I will get to Hawaii except for the palms in my yard.Aloha

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