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One of a few posters I am working on. Photos taken February 6th on top of the volcano Mauna Kea (White Mountain in Hawaiian). Sorry about the copyright thing, but I make some of my living with my photography and so I need to over-protect some of my work. Some shots I can’t post at all due to publishing rights I grant. This collage is actually a promo for an article my GF & I are selling.

Aloha my Fotolog friends, I hope your photo taking and uploads are going happily~~~~Sparky

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Avatar deny_pas

Deny_pas On 11/03/2005

Wow...wow...wow..this is awesome...outstanding...fantastic!!!

Avatar aaltje

Aaltje On 11/03/2005

Hi Sparky ;-) Very nice poster!Greetings....aaltje netherlands.

Avatar carol_lina_nj_br

Carol_lina_nj_br On 11/03/2005


Avatar angel_of_the_odd

Angel_of_the_odd On 10/03/2005

sweet poster!re: the microphone, it`s a studio mike, made in the 50s and worth about 12k yikes!

Avatar cartolina

Cartolina On 10/03/2005

Uhh... The one!

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Jenny;m On 10/03/2005

....because of the timeshift i`m usually too late to drop a note in these first ten but i enjoy daily all that you show .this poster collage is great work. glad photography helps you somehow make a living-there`s nothing wrong in getting some bread`n`butter thanks to your passion ! thanks for sharing & kenavo to oona & you .

Avatar pellegrini

Pellegrini On 10/03/2005


Avatar u4eah

U4eah On 10/03/2005

**clapping**this awewwwwsome!!!!dude :)

Avatar pinkpepperphoto

Pinkpepperphoto On 10/03/2005

Hi Leigh!! Fantastic collage, and the copyright doesn`t bother me one bit!! Glad somebody can upload, when I try I get your forgot your user name and password!!

Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 10/03/2005

Cool action shots!And that sky in the last post is FANTASTIC!

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