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Announcing my lava photography exhibit

I am having a lava photography exhibit at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Art Center January 10th through February 22nd 2009.

My photos are printed on canvas and up to 30X40-inches.

If you are on the Big Island during this time please drop by the Park and take in my show.
All the photos in this show can be viewed on my website here: http://leighs-gallery.smugmug.com/gallery/6211293_bqkdo/1/381050118_7wd5Q

Happy New Year!

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Avatar natashha333

Natashha333 On 21/09/2009

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Avatar ojosazuulees

Ojosazuulees On 10/01/2009

me re pase
devolves ?

Avatar hoila

Hoila On 07/01/2009

Replay of the last moves of a solidifying giant

My best wishes for your photography exhibition! :)

Avatar airchild

Airchild On 01/01/2009

Very cool! Congratulations on your exhibition! I would love to be there!

Happy New Year, Sparky!

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