Avatar sparkyleigh

~ Japanese White-eye ~

I like these little birds and have them in these ohia lehua trees. The red flowers produce a lot of sweet nectar, and this bird is sucking out some.

On July 15 2005 39 Views

Avatar dimilinchen

Dimilinchen On 23/07/2005

Great foto, watching a little bird having its dinner!

Avatar fractal

Fractal On 21/07/2005

cute!________________________________Ps: 2 years Aniversary! in fractals fotolog!

Avatar sandman44

Sandman44 On 16/07/2005

Beautiful capture!

Avatar whatisee

Whatisee On 15/07/2005

Such a tiny praying mantis.Where did you go? I still post here but also post some at fotothing.com. I don`t post everyday like I used at either place. But I am still taking lots of pictures.

Avatar bilderwerk

Bilderwerk On 15/07/2005

...still alive!?Looks like a humming-bird.

Avatar anton

Anton On 15/07/2005

Beautiful capture Sparks.A post here every now and again can`t hurt! I still have some loyalty to Fotolog however the site is not 100% functioning STILL. It has been about 9 months since fotolog worked well.Cheers!

Avatar bydabyeu

Bydabyeu On 15/07/2005

I see that many of you`ll have your work on Flicker. I just found about it a few days ago....seems interesting. I thought I had been blocked out by fotolog for many months, but just recently have been able to upload. A great shot here.

Avatar planetjamey

Planetjamey On 15/07/2005

I dunno...with all the other stuff out there (cement board, hardi-backer, and green board) made for bathrooms...you`d really have to show me something that absolutely had to have plywood for me to put it in a bathroom.Now I just need to go back to the store for more cement board...I only got enough to do the tub surround...and I`m about to use at least half as the underlayment for the new floor. Good thing I got the 5 pound box of roofing nails!

Avatar donducha

Donducha On 15/07/2005

PURRRRRFECT PHOTO!I am adding you, ok? Loved ur flog!Have a great weekend

Avatar pellegrini

Pellegrini On 15/07/2005

Such a beautiful one! So sharp and clear! Excellent!

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