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~ Male Anole Lizard shows off for the females ~

Well my Fotolog friends, I have been trying to add photos on here for days/weeks with no luck. Also the guestbooks seemed to be locked all the time so can`t even visit your new photos or view comments. I have lost patience for this and will not post on here for a while...
To continue viewing my photos I am still posting nearly daily on this site: <A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/" TARGET=_top>http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/</A>

Aloha nui for all your wonderful comments and friendships here -- Flog-On Brudahs & Sistah`s~~~~~~~~~~ Sparky

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Avatar pinkpepperphoto

Pinkpepperphoto On 18/04/2005

Yep, flog has been the pits, to put it mildly!!Good to hear from you tho. I seem to always miss you on flickr!

Avatar tvc15

Tvc15 On 18/04/2005

Hi Sparky. Thanks for the visit. I saw some nice lizards in Bermuda many years ago. The males had an orange flap under their chin. It is so nice to see the variations in nature.

Avatar deny_pas

Deny_pas On 18/04/2005

Oh my!!! what a fantastic shot....so cool...ksDenise

Avatar paulapcda

Paulapcda On 18/04/2005


Avatar patisfaction

Patisfaction On 13/04/2005

woooosuch a fab D-tailed lizard sparky!gr8 catch!

Avatar cartolina

Cartolina On 11/04/2005


Avatar asura

Asura On 10/04/2005

clear green colurs nice moments you take this photo.back ground colur are flowers?nice angles and picturegood luck!have nice weekends!god bless you!in our country cherry blossom`s flower seasoncome to end and blowed by the strong spring windgood bye from asura oosaka japan

Avatar dimilinchen

Dimilinchen On 09/04/2005

Wow, this beautiful lizzard really wants to impress his lady!

Avatar groovy_souls

Groovy_souls On 09/04/2005


Avatar fodd

Fodd On 09/04/2005

Wonderful photo. See you around!!

Avatar justducky2204

Justducky2204 On 09/04/2005

fantastic catch! wow!

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