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*on air* best coast; the who - "baba o' riley"

my luck has always been to overcome and kinda forget pretty effectively the bad times (never the bad vibes, though) i go through, once it's done. i really can't wait to be able to say that this time around. tracey posted the photo of another friend of hers died recently. curly, mid-30s, t-shirt and hoodie, toast in hand, beautiful smile. the kind of pic meant to upset. however, only this in-your-face kind of moments can stop my stream of consciousness, usually set on more mundane issues, and force me to focus on what I want from life. bad news: i'm still pretty damn far from having even a glimpse of it. on the bright side: none of my dreams can reasonably be within my reach, as every single one require time and dedication in order to be fulfilled.
rampini's new book, "Il tradimento: Globalizzazione e immigrazione, le menzogne delle élite", is out now! gotta read it and try to understand this disconcerting 2016.

I talk to you all the time
Go out of my mind
You say you care, but then you act so unaware
I treated you badly
We ended so sadly
Wish I didn't care

What hurts the most is that you're gone
And it hasn't even been that long
But you're in my eyes
You're in my eyes

I thought that you would always be there
I thought that we could never compare
But the world, the world, the world got in the way

What hurts the most is that it's done
And I don't remember having fun
But you're in my eyes
You're in my eyes

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