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- tomorrow i'll have my first fully-paid business trip (which doesn't involve carrying wastage on the tube from farringdon to king's cross st. pancras). an achievement, especially considering i haven't landed the job yet
- helping leeul with her dissertation for LCC from my bedroom in bologna, italy
- i found my wicca books from junior high, ha! i've always been such a witch.
- i guess what happened to my cousin made me realize life is too short not to grab onto love where you find it and when it's someone making you feel good about yourself
- oh, and also: you can't fight chemistry
- se satana esistesse e fosse come lo descrivono le scritture, ovvero un ribelle che preferisce combattere una guerra persa ed essere esiliato anzichè "servire in paradiso", credo che io e lui andremmo piuttosto d'accordo

Why should you never put the milk in first? Because the tea will never get to a tea colour. It will just stay a milk colour. The milk colour! You’ve just poured your other loving half a pint. A pint of milk! Well done, you.
Oh so you will go back and rectify this in the kitchen will you? OK. How do we sort this out? Make the tea all over again? Nah. That will take a lot of time. Like all of three minutes. “I know,” you decide in your inspired wisdom “I’ll go and pour more hot water into the mug.” Nope wait…. hang on a minute, it’s just looking more and more like milk. OH GOD watery milk.

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