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now that i was starting to whine on the fact that, regardless my improvements in polish, i still can't talk shit about customers or just talk freely among them with my polish friend.. HE SPEAKS FRENCH!
thank you bòg for making me choose foreign languages in high school. best possible choice ever. i am like the horse whisperer.

today at work the troupe didn't pay and the situation got increasingly weird. oh lord. they also recorded a music video of a girl who looked and sang like adele. with pearls, silk dress, big hair. the other male model was a tanned, mediterranean-type body builder in a suit and prescription glasses. the song was obnoxious and the lyrics appalling. and they tried to make it look like... 50 SHADES OF GREY. SOOOOOOOOO LAAAAAAAAAAAME. i want my day back. i'm too tired to use commas today. so full stop it is.

On July 05 2015 at London, London, City of, United Kingdom 15 Views

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