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sunday, lazy motherfucking sunday

i should read the Debrett's Peerage & Baronetage guide. and the Etiquette for Girls.
today i've been lying in bed all day reading italian papers all day. and i've been thinking a lot. then, i tried to watch Godard's 'Le Mépris' but the audio of a shitty quality streaming video reproduced on a laptop is what it is, hence i get the 30% of what i hear in french. on the other hand it is impossible to find a decent version either in english or italian.. good for me! AND FUCK THE CARNIVAL, I'M BETWEEN MY LINENS.

- consider the 'moving' option
- clear up my computer
- learn how to use Evernote
- forget Netflix and find a cool free movie collection online, like Openculture
- think about my dissertation/final project
- go to as many exhibitions as possible

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