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Just finished watching "Working Girl" (1988) in honour of Trudy's Buzzfeed* post I saved on my bookmarks weeks ago. I know she addressed it to teenagers and I'm only eight years old on the inside, but still... So quintessentially '80s, all set between Manhattan and Staten Island, big hair, eyeshadows and corded telephones.
Oh, and just bought a gas reducer ring on Amazon since I'm way too lazy to put some clothes on and be bothered to get to Argos on my day off. I know. I'm ashamed already.
Now, off to Newham and then a few drinks with Leeul Lee back in Shoreditch.
This is my official LAST-DAY-100%-OFF before I find out which studio I'm in tomorrow and I'll start to feel the autumn kicking in and aaaaall the pressure.


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