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One of my best friend- my iPod. My other best friend is my cell phone. Sorry if the pic quality isn`t good, but my digi cam got stolen a few months back. Now I take most pics using my cell phone. My cell phone`s pic coming soon. (guess what song is playing ;) )

On October 08 2004 15 Views

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Faizee On 10/12/2004

*grins*>>*looks at yur surprised face*...man,im good !

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Some Desi On 08/12/2004

You guessed it right. It is eminem - Forgot about Dre. I thought no one would be able to guess it!? *surprised!*

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Faizee On 02/12/2004

is it by eminem?

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FaizEE On 02/12/2004

gana konsa hay?ye toa bata dain..meri aankhain phoot gaeen trying to sort the song out:Dhehehe

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Some Desi On 06/11/2004

this is a 3G(20 GB) iPod and me leaving in KHI. Waiting for you :oP

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Pingu On 02/11/2004

Dude , isnt this a 4th Generation iPOD , how many gbs? I *SO* want one , lol :) where do you live ? */me plans to steal yours!!*

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Abez On 10/10/2004

Lol, reminds me of my old Gameboy...


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