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Shill Nories Family - Retornando a atividade... Matha Fucka Bomb!

On August 15 2006 10 Views

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Ddia On 03/10/2006


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Cameone On 25/09/2006

dia 7 barra do sul em!hahaabraço

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Fiapos On 22/09/2006

da ora a bombaflws

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Ml_crew On 10/09/2006

marca uma parada ai roy.. falo!!jonca

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Irak_free On 29/08/2006

[http://irak_free]How does it feel? How does it feel now that horror is erupting in your own yard and not in your neighbour’s living room? What is it like to feel the fear pressing down on your chest, the panic caused by the deafening noise, to see the flames burning out of control, the buildings collapsing, to experience the terrible smell penetrating to the depths of the lungs, and to see the eyes of the innocent walking around covered in blood and dust?What does it feel like to spend a day in your own home not knowing what is going to happen next? How is it possible to emerge from the state of shock? On 6 August 1945 the survivors of Hiroshima were walking around in a state of shock. No part of the city was left standing after the bomb was dropped by the American artillery from the Enola Gay. In a few seconds 80,000 men, women and children had died. Another 250,000 were to die from radiation in the years to come. But that was a distant war and television did not even exist....IRAK FREE!

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Iceman_fdr On 16/08/2006

certamente!add meu msn ae [email protected] constantemente em joinva.vamos marcar algo.satisfação mano.abraço!

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Wso On 15/08/2006

di bolta a cena :D pode cre abraço ai 1


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