Avatar theblondeone

Theblondeone On 17/10/2010

buena imagen, salud

Avatar soiitronchha2

Soiitronchha2 On 05/09/2008

effes porfavor los necesito
si me los das vas a estar en los mios :$

Avatar walking_onair

Walking_onair On 09/04/2008

what a nice picture

Avatar t0renita

T0renita On 24/06/2007

i like it.:)

Avatar menealoaqui

Menealoaqui On 17/06/2007

hola me gusto tu imagen.. los colorespasa por mi flog

Avatar eye2eye

Eye2eye On 09/08/2006

The colors and arcs on the walls are as "real" and dimensional as their source! What a supremely delightful piece! Your subtle cross & light shot from 1/18 is also a wonder. Can't believe I didn't check out your page when I revisited Fotolog briefly in March! Hope all is well!! -Dave

Avatar maribabi

Maribabi On 13/04/2006

very very nice pic!

Avatar rache12

Rache12 On 30/03/2006


Default Avatar

Russian girl On 26/03/2006

I am very bed understend english!!!! but Here is very good photos.

Avatar terrybrogan

Terrybrogan On 18/03/2006

your page looks spectacular

Avatar vandyson

Vandyson On 15/03/2006

I really like the colours

Avatar dr_xero

Dr_xero On 23/02/2006

check <A HREF="http://www.fotolog.com/drxero" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.com/drxero</A>glad that you are back... i always reminded you...

Avatar dr_xero

Dr_xero On 23/02/2006

+oh my god.. you are back!

Avatar zoliman

Zoliman On 08/02/2006

wow. very surreal light!

Avatar okapi

Okapi On 07/02/2006

it's kind of dreamy... i like it.

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