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Feliz :$ Yaaa hace tiempoó noo me metoó a estaa weá xd ! Llevoó 5 mesees Hermosoos con Mii ShanshyyToó *-* e' sidooó Terriblee feliz :$ Nooo qiero qe todoo esto cambié ! :) Mi Liceoo está en Toma .-. & Estooy de vacacioonees y etc etc ... Todoo bien coon mis amigaas y too' genial ! :H estaa vidaaa es lo mejoór :z Mii hermanoo se fuee al serviciooo (N) de peerroski ! xd y ahora mi may' se fuee pa Iquiqee a verloo & yoo aqi autistaa 88 :x peroo se pasaaa de ShoroÓ igual poo se sabee :$ y esoo poo xd yaya Shaaó.

(LL) Tee Amoo Matyas ! :$ (LL)

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    War is the plague that human beings bring upon themselves. It is also a plague we might be able to end. On any given day since you and I were born, some part of the world has been at war–in 2003 the total number of open conflicts was thirty. In the twentieth century at least 108 million people died in wars. Of the 20 largest military budgets on earth, 14 belong to developing countries. The United States spends more on its military than the next 16 countries combined

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    Fotolog creado para subir fotos a contra luz de donde sea o como sea solo tiene que ser a contra lus ...

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