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From fat to fit #4

Hey hey!

Another day went by, we rested from the squatt challenge (but did our morning workout). Today I could not drink so much water, I'll try to make it up tomorrow.
I ate healthy except for the croissant with chocolate -.-

Hope you have a nice day!

The picture: Blueberry Jelly!

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On September 04 2014 at Portugal 178 Views

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Drawing_aloud On 09/09/2014

and ... ?!

how are you going?

many "hurra!" :)

Avatar arggiarinoa

Arggiarinoa On 08/09/2014

Comer algo bom não prejudica!
Só não pode ficar comendo com muita frequencia!
E pq não está tomando água?
É perigoso fazer exercícios e não tomar água!
A água ajuda a dor muscular desaparecer mais rápido!


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