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Sempre me recolhi… sempre me fechei… sempre guardei coisas para mim! Sempre reflicto comigo acerca disso, e não mudava nada em mim! Continuarei a ter o meu espaço de recolhimento emocional. É meu! Pertence-me!

♫ 3 Doors Down - Landing In London (All I Think About Is You)

"I woke up today in London
As the plane was touching down
And all I could think about was monday
And maybe ill be back around

If this keeps me away much longer
I dont know what i will do
Youve got to understand its a hard life
That im going through

And when the night falls in around me
I dont think ill make it through
Ill use your light to guide the way
Cause all I think about is you"

In my head today

On June 28 2015 at Louisiana, United States 2 Views

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