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NYC, April 2005

In front of the Museum of Natural History, one of my favorite places on earth. Funny thing is I have a picture of myself from about 1972 in this same spot.

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???? On 19/06/2006

hi!IŽm Argentine...This boy is very beatiful..some kiss?????

Avatar selfmademug

Selfmademug On 12/06/2005

Oh, I do! Everytime I walk by those Mexican terra cotta pieces, I remember the drawing you made of the fat little dog, and the one I made of that African ritual costume made of straw with the 3-foot piece of wood coming out of the face...

Avatar bonnieboo

Bonnieboo On 08/05/2005

Oh I love this, love him, love you.I have great memories of our trips there drawing the displays. Member?

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