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When you're standing on the side of a hill
Feeling like your day may be done
Here it comes
The strawberry smog
Chasing away the sun
Don't let those precious moments fool you
Happiness is getting you down
A rainbow never smiles or blinks
It's just a candy-colored frown

You were going on at half-past seven
Now it's going on a quarter 'til nine
All the angels want to know
Are you lost or treading water?
And you're going on your fifteenth bender
But you've only got a matter of time
Yes we've all got seeds to sow
Not everyone's got lambs to slaughter

When the night wind starts to turn
Into the ocean breeze
And the dew drops sting and burn
Like angry honey bees
That is when you hear the song falling from the sky
Happy yesterday to all
We were born to die

Sometimes you're filled with the notion
The afterlife's a moment away
You want to tell someone the way that you feel
But then you ain't got nothing to say
You fight for freedom from devotion
A battle that will always begin
With somebody giving you a piece of advice;
By the way you're living in sin

Now there's never gonna be an intermission
But there'll always be a closing night
Never entertain those visions
Lest you may have packed your baggage
First impressions are cheap auditions
Situations are long goodbyes
Truth so often to living dormant
Good luck walks and bullshit flies

When the headlights guide your way
You know the place is right
When the treetops sing and sway
Don't go to sleep tonight
That is when you see the sign
Luminous and high:
Tomorrow's not what it used to be
We were born to die
Happy yesterday to all
We were born to die

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Deborahmatronic On 02/05/2008

http://eldotorteatiende se reporta again

Avatar deborahmatronic

Deborahmatronic On 26/12/2007

es mi tema aunque tambien me gusta land of a thousand word.

Avatar locacomotu_vieja

Locacomotu_vieja On 19/12/2007

alfin posteaste!
:D :D :D
ya estas en mis effes
buena cancion me encanta!
pero la mejor de todo el cd Ta-Dah es
"ooh" o "kiss you off"
bue me voi llendo!

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