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Grupo fotolog dedicado para toda la gente con estilo Scene kid , Fashionxcore; asi como sus looks diarios y estilos propios de cada persona.

Group fotolog dedicated for the whole people with style Scene kid, Fashionxcore; this way as his daily looks and own styles of every person.

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  • drunk_by_night


    Grupo fotolog dedicado para todas las personas que tomen cualquier tipo de bebida de noche o ya sea tambien de dia en reuniones, fiestas, convivios o simplemente solos.


    Group fotolog dedicated for all the persons who take any type of drink by night or already is also by day(in the daytime) in meetings, holidays(parties) or simply alone.

  • i_likeyourhair


    This group is dedicated,
    to all persons who wish
    show your hairstyle. A funny hair,
    creative, unique and original.
    Prove you're different,
    To prove you're original.

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