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Westhill Consulting & Employment: Misconceptions about ..

Westhill Consulting & Employment: Misconceptions about Teaching Abroad

By Diane Jacoutot of Teachanywhere.com

Fallacy #1: I will be teaching English as a foreign language

Not necessarily. Whilst there are a number of English Language schools that exist solely to teach English language to non-native English speakers, there is a very large and important category of schools that teach a full curriculum of all subjects. These schools, known as international schools, use various curricula such as the US, UK, Canadian, Australian and International Baccalaureate and teach all subjects in English. Whilst some of the pupils may not be native English speakers, they are still expected to learn all or most subjects such as Maths, Science, Geography, Art and Physical Education, in English. In fact, a TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate is not required to work in International schools. They require approximately the same qualifications you would need to teach at home in a state-funded school.

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