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bjs e abraços a todos lokos......

add no MSN= [email protected]

On February 03 2011 8 Views

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Osmar1_miolomole On 03/02/2011

aeeeeeeeee caraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

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Nestordebarros On 03/02/2011

tamo junto abç

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Gustsbc On 03/02/2011

salve celo


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    Este grupo muestra fotos reales bien coloridas. Mostrando en una solo foto los colores del arcoiris, los mismos colores que salen de un prisma.
    This group shows real and colorful photos. Showing in one single picture the color of a rainbow. The same colors we get out of a prism.

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    flowers in their natural surroundings. No coloured or painted flowers. No other things in the picture but flowers.
    As description: Name of the flower and the country where the picture was taken.

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