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Ryanair Training Course!! GRO

Bueno [email protected] debido a mi ausencia os dejo una foto del training jajaja es original eh!!! Mascarilla de oxigeno ( esponja) y chaleco salvavidas ( de barco) jaja

Ahora os dejo el Safety Breifing Pre take off:

Ladies and Gentlemen before our departure may we have you attention just for a few moments while the cabin crew point out the safety features on board this Boeing 737 800 series aircraft.

On this aircraft there are eight emergency exit each of which is marked with a red exit sign. Emergency path floor lighting running along the left hand side of the cabin aisle floor will illuminate and guide you to the exits in an emergency.

There are four main doors two at the front, one on the left and one on the right, two doors at the rear of the cabin one on the left and one on the right.

There are four overwings exits in the center of the cabin, two on the left and two on the right. Please take a moment to note the nearest exit to you.

To fasten your seatbelts insert the metal end unto the buckle, to secure pull on the loose end of the strap and open lift the buckle cover.

You will find the lifejacket stowed in a panel above oyur head. In the unlikely event of landing in water remove the jacket from the packet and place it over your head.Bring the black strap around you waist and clip at the front of the jacket as the crew are now demostrating.To inflate the lifejacket pull down sharply on the red toggle. There is a mouthpiece for further inflation or deflation and a light to attrack attention. Do not inflate the lifejacket inside the cabin as to do so would impede you exit.

Bueno os dejo y sigo estudiando!! deseadme suerteee!!

Besos desde Girona

Juanfran Tejado

On January 16 2009 166 Views

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Andromeda9 On 01/06/2010

Hey, Mi nombre es Ivan, soy de bilbao y voy a empezar el training course con Ryanair en breve, tengo dudas sobre el curso y bueno , me gustaria conocer la opinion de gente que lo haya echo antes y que me pueda aconsejar , mi facebook es IvanRV .... Un abrazo y espero respuesta...muchas gracias

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Albacreep On 25/01/2009

Me ha dixo asela k ya os habeis visto. ktal el curso??? t ha tocado el david pa el conversion no?? pues consejo, ve preparado.kien va a tu inicial?
tengo una en MRS y esta contenta, aparte x las fotos k veo, es precioso!! t gustará. oye k ya sabes, si tiene sdudas, me preguntas. Un beso!!

Avatar albacreep

Albacreep On 23/01/2009

anda!! eres el amigo de asela no????

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