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I have a huge love inside of me... everytime I'm in love I feel something weird. Not sure if happiness, sadness, madness. Now I just have this willing to disappear... to mix with the wind or the black sky, the heavy clouds, the rain, the woods, the stars... and find him in a warm, fond hug. And then mix with the colors... flowers, nature... just fly away, walk among sunflowers, waterfalls... then talk. Just talk. To lay on a carpet with cushions, to have his arm around my shoulders, to rest my head on his chest and listen to whatever he has to tell me, whatever he wants to share, to teach me. And maybe have a drink. Everytime the rain falls I'll remember... I don't know who understands whom, but he certainly touches my heart. It's so... personal... and I don't want it to end. I hope he knows how I feel. I hope I can feel his hug someday. I just... love.


* ~ The Doors - Hour For Magic

personal love Jim Morrison The Doors now I realizeso it begins idol

On January 22 2014 at Distrito Federal, Brazil 333 Views

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