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A reminder: All photos and words here are copyrighted. If you want to use them, ask. But you may not take. In other words, DON`T STEAL MY STUFF. I`m embarrassed for a few fotologgers that there is a need say that here. ------------------------------------------ The initial purpose of my new scanner was to electronically preserve and organize fading, old photographs which have been moldering in envelopes and boxes for decades. The fotolog is at the instigation of my young colleague Aaron whose enthusiasm for what he called “the history” of some photographs I showed him intrigued me. Further enthusiasm and technology help from such other colleagues and fellow fotologgers as clarsen, hop, bytefactory and fredshead convinced me. The surprise is how the juxtaposition of the photographs against intentionally short captions is providing me a new view, if not understanding, of family dynamics. The shock is the extent of the sadness in the family history – at least, as I remember it. Are all families such? Is life, perhaps, no more than my sometime (admittedly mordant) definition: “…just one long series of painful events occasionally interrupted by short episodes of joy?” Or does it only seem so in this fotolog as a result of my editing choices and drama queen tendencies? 16 August 2003 [email protected]

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