Avatar angelissima

Angelissima On 20/03/2004

you keep saying that, but you never do.

Avatar zinetv

Zinetv On 05/03/2004

You are wrong!!!! Water torture is more fun. Interestingly, I have a similar set up with a T-1 at work and cable modem at home. The same problems happen; when they do, I just do something else. I have given up expecting fotolog to work well for any period of time. But having searched the internet for an alternative, fotolog with its huge warts is still unique.I really like your project, don`t give up; allow it to happen in a slower time frame.

Avatar apt615

Apt615 On 04/03/2004

wait it out -- the latest improvements are the kind that wreck havoc with caching -- it will take awhile but it will run smoothly again

Avatar ronni

Ronni On 03/03/2004

I`m on a T1 at work and cable modem at home. (I`m in a very boring meeting at the moment ;-) It`s different problems at different times of day, but it is so dispiriting here these days. I have a couple of minutes to upload - and it won`t upload. I want to link to an archived image, I can`t get into the archive. It just never stops. It`s like water torture.

Avatar boogers

Boogers On 03/03/2004

Are you using dial-up, Ronni?

Avatar arto

Arto On 03/03/2004

not yet! I`m just catching up..

Avatar ibanda

Ibanda On 03/03/2004

Don`t give up Ronni - your new project is great.<A HREF="http://ibanda.blogs.com/panchromatica/2004/03/documenting_tom.html" TARGET=_top>http://ibanda.blogs.com/panchromatica/2004/03/documenting_tom.html</A> Apart from the archive - whichwe all know about - I don`t have these problems. I can see f/f, comments and my own archive. I wonder if there is also a browser issue?

Avatar ronni

Ronni On 03/03/2004

I don`t mean that all those things listed above happen at once, but a minimum of one - and usually more - is always occurring while it is also taking 30-plus seconds for a page to load. I don`t know about the lives of the rest of you, but I don`t have time to waste in this manner.

Avatar shoot_out

Shoot_out On 03/03/2004

He, Ronni! Everything works fine here (despite the archive). I can see your f/fs, your comments etc. Why can`t you?

Avatar pellegrini

Pellegrini On 03/03/2004

Try it! Be patient.... Sometimes I also want to give up but we have such a wonderful friendship all over the world... Lets cross our fingers!


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