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Bleecker Street Series #3
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Thank god for this well-stocked news and magazine stand right there where I can satisfy my information appetite at the same time I’m taking care of my nutritional needs. One of the Pakistanis who runs this shop never fails to comment in a flirty way on the red color of my hair – a very sweet thing for him to do considering that I am old enough to be his mother and then some.

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Petitesoeur On 02/03/2004

i have walked by this place too many times in too many years to count -- never went in never bought a thing

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Zinetv On 01/03/2004

Until recently, the usable interior was smaller. The walls were moved out to create a private passageway along the right side and a private space in the back of the store. A husband, wife and sister team ran it. The man and his sister ran theplace; his wife was part-time help and was driven to work in a Cadillac. The sister was grizzled before here age, but in spite of her hard exterior, rather roughly friendly. The guy also worked in the store on a part-time basis and go into toback with other guys. Occasionally boxes were brought into, taken out of the back space. Most of the candy store supplies came from the basement. I smoked at that time and the sister always made sure they had my brand and a NYT for me in the morning. But she didn`t always work the mornings.

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Av_producer On 01/03/2004

The original sign still stands in place, well at least the one that I remembered. My father always referred to it as Harry Hockstein`s (sp?). When I was growing up comic books, Spaldings and candy. Musty, dirty and run by two nasty ladies it was a stop on the way back from my grandparent`s on West 4th steet every Sunday after our visit.


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