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Drink Some More...

Like a squid, up at dawn
An' I drag me butt tae me job.
Not a break, front to back
Kicking balls to the wall
Down a mile a hole
Moving mountains of coal
While here's to hell
It's ringing my bell
Sing a song, bang a gong
And tonight would be good to be bad.

So I take a wee dram
Just to take off the edge
Whether diggin' a ditch
Or swinging a sledge
I drink to ignore high society's crap.
Bot'tla' whiskey in me
And I ain't even whacked
Now I know how it feels for the rat
On the wheel to run for the cheese.

So we drink and we drink and we drink some more
The only thing better than drinking for me
Is when I'm drinking with you
and we're drinking for free.

I feel drunk and tight
Just a wee bit tipsy tonight
It's the best that I've had
But I've puked on my kilt
Will you call me a cab
Will you call me a cab
For now I must go
To wake up at dawn
For a heave and a hoe
And tonight was good to be bad

--The Real McKenzies--


Cuantos recuerdos... deliciosa birra del Chaltén...
Y el mejor acompañamiento (además de los cacahuates xD): los amigos!

Saludos y hasta la vista!


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Avatar florwen

Florwen On 17/08/2009

jaaaaaaaaaaaaajajajajajaj...bueeeno...digamos que con el carisma ya matan...ustedes se complican mucho las cosas=)
(bueno..en realidad no me des bola...mis amigos me suelen decir que soy un bicho raro o algo asi,porque no acuerdo mucho con los criterios de mis compañeras de clegio....¬¬)jajaja
la verdad que estubo reee lindo=)....si no tubiera como 40 años mas qeu yo me iba con el a california???
segui practicando=)......
un besooote roderiiikk

Avatar aerwyn

Aerwyn On 30/07/2009

Hola, Roderik!

Tanto tiempo!

Pasaba a saludar nada mas.. XD
Espero estes bien!

Chau, SUERTE!!

Avatar frikie_montaraz

Frikie_montaraz On 29/07/2009

buena personas traedloas a mi morada a tomarnos algo cuando vengan jajaj

Avatar bogdan_the_k0zak

Bogdan_the_k0zak On 29/07/2009

Si, xD hay cerveza :D

Avatar cedarstare

Cedarstare On 29/07/2009

Cantas bonito esa cancion ._.

Kisses, Sab.

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