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I’m working on it passed the first test couple weeks ago and I keep studying a good number to town soon so I S on offer whatever inside I can't you guys so that's all and a the matter what else you want to know but to because if there's anything I got offered as leverage up in whatever you're going to you're going to offer our awhile lot I'll tell you that because you know I love this up these are these hangouts that I just found out about and I will be doing a lot of home with allot of our panel with a lot experts hopefully we'll beagle to get ah mark McDonald and our and some other top leaders in mind to be because of my enemy is the number one nutrition company I feel within the whole world that arm we are we are changing lives are one person at a time with are better health with anti-oxidants I mean I me for myself I can attest to that I was a pro wrestler for fifteen years and I was the most skeptical person in .

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I was a pro wrestle

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