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Another shot from our walks through beautiful russian landscape, and special greetings to all who take a quiet and peaceful Sunday walk today!

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Avatar gabii_electroo

Gabii_electroo On 02/07/2009


Avatar retratosfalados

Retratosfalados On 27/01/2009


Avatar imnottalosser

Imnottalosser On 30/10/2008

eiii che efeamos ?
avisa ;)


Avatar melissandreatta

Melissandreatta On 27/09/2004

Wonderful picture!!!!!!!Kisses for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar dimilinchen

Dimilinchen On 27/09/2004

Such a pretty landscape - looks as if you were the only one there.

Avatar antinea

Antinea On 26/09/2004

great shot and wonderful landscape! where is it?have a nice evening :-)

Avatar _txalo_

_txalo_ On 26/09/2004

NICE PLACEEE!!!!Great photos!!!Added!!!

Avatar fcmrush

Fcmrush On 26/09/2004

cool fotorussia ist schon[]s

Avatar eye2eye

Eye2eye On 26/09/2004

Ha! A "quiet and peaceful Sunday walk" is not likely to happen during hurricane Jeanne, especially later today and tonight for us, but that`s ALL THE MORE reason for me to appreciate and enjoy your exquisite and uplifting photo. This is a gorgeous and blessedly peaceful image, Jo. I love the rich colors and feeling of calmness and life.

Avatar punk_lolita

Punk_lolita On 26/09/2004

_*bjo*____*bjo*___*bjo*_____*bjo*bjo*bjo*______*bjo*bjo*bjo*_____*bjo*___*bjo*____*bjo*____*bjo*_____*bjo*____*bjo*_____*bjo*_____*bjo*__*bjo*_____*bjo*___*bjo*________*bjo*__*bjo*_______*bjo*___*bjo*_*bjo*______*bjo*____*bjo*_____________*bjo*_______________*bjo*bjoh*_______*bjo*________*bjo*bjo*________*bjo*bjo*________*bjo*_*bjo*______*bjo*____________*bjo*______________*bjo*______*bjo*__*bjo*_____*bjo*___*bjo*_____*bjo*__*bjo*_______*bjo*______*bjo*___*bjo*____*bjo*____*bjo*____*bjo*____*bjo*____*bjo*_______*bjo*____*bjo*___*bjo*______*bjo*bjo*_________*bjo*bjo*__________________0000000____0000000__________________000000000000000000000000_____________0000000000000000000000000000_________00__________00000000__________00_________00000000000______00000000000_____________000000000000000000000000_________________00000000000000000000_______________________000000000000_____________________________________________________;*teadd. q linda imagem ;}

Avatar anomalous

Anomalous On 26/09/2004


Avatar airchild

Airchild On 26/09/2004

Really beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. I hope you are feeling better, Jo! Please take care. Hugs to you and a happy Sunday!

Avatar marcharien

Marcharien On 26/09/2004

hi, i`m from brasil i like this photo!! nice shoot ;).., so, bye bye..

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