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Reptoid is the only Swedish magazine that gives you 100% trains. Focus lies on the swedish trainscene with material from all over the country. Each issue also contains interviews and mixed spreads with foreign writers aswell as Swedish subways, commuters, double deckers and intercity trains In this issue:Interview with Bro Crew from Umeå in Northern Sweden, with MRD crew from Scania in Southern Sweden, special on the Amsterdam Metro and the usual update of trains from all over Sweden and the world.

Subjects: Graffiti

Country: Sweden
Language: English
Pages: 48
Year: 2011

reptoid magazine

On July 11 2012 at Dalarnas Län, Sweden 96 Views

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Stonegraphix On 23/02/2013

mort de rire

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I_v__u On 20/07/2012

När kommer nästa?

Avatar striktlynorrland

Striktlynorrland On 11/07/2012

Här beställs det.

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