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Eu caido ¬¬

1. Give me a random lyric from the song you're listening to:
“And do you think about me when he fucks you?”

2. Do you think you're approachable?

3. How do you feel about the person you kissed last?

4. Do you regret doing anything this week?
“not studying.”

5. Last awkward moment:
today has been sucks.

6. Name three things everyone knows about you:
“I'm really white.
I'm an asshole.

7. What are you missing?
A few bucks. =/

8. What do you do when a telemarketer calls?
No I don’t wanna anything.

9. Name someone you know whose name begins with a C:

10. Would you cry if you found out you got a girl pregnant?
No, I’ll try to avoid all the situation. huskhakuhsuk

11. Have you been pressured to do anything recently?
Go to the mall.

12. Do you think the concept of phone sex is stupid?
Absolutaly not. ¬¬

13. How many kids do you want?
Two or three.

14. Name something you wouldn't want to buy used?

15. What makes you happy at this moment?
Nothing exactly.

16. What colour are your eyes?

17. Do you have your tonsils and wisdom teeth?
Yes. =]

18. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

19. Do you like your significant other to be aggressive or passive?

20. Would you rather go camping or to a five star hotel?

21. When did you last cry?
Don’t remember.

22. Have you kissed anyone in the past 2 months?

23. What's your worst habit?
Think a lot.

24. Do you still talk to the last person you dated?
No. I cant, never had. =P

25. How many people did you kiss this winter?
WTF. Don’t remember realy.

26. If you could own a non-traditional pet what would it be?

27. Are you okay with your ex being friends with your good friends?

28. Would you rather feel pain or be numb?
Numb, I guess.

29. Do you find it easier to forgive or forget?
Depends of…

30. Would you ever stay with someone just because you didn't want to break their heart?
Yes, every time. SUCK

31. Have you ever taken anyone/anything for granted?
Yes. =p sukakuhs

32. Do you hate being alone?

33. Has anyone ever broken your heart?

34. Do you like competition?
“I do =P”

35. How late did you stay up last night?
2 AM I guess.

36. What was the first thing you thought this morning?
Sleep, sleep, sleep. hasukahushauhksu

37. Is the person you have a crush on older or younger than you?
Young, most of times. =p

38. What did you do last night?
got online

39. What are you going to do this weekend?
Don’t known yet.

40. Do you own a stereo that costs more than $100?
I dO =]

41. Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you, and meant it?
No I guess.

42. How's your heart lately?

43. What were you doing this morning at 7AM?
Sleeping. =D

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Avatar artistry

Artistry On 23/05/2008


Avatar shadowrick

Shadowrick On 23/05/2008

mano questionario em ingles é muito chato ¬¬

Avatar dinhahs2

Dinhahs2 On 23/05/2008

em ingles nao rola :)

te amo :)

Avatar loravictorelli

Loravictorelli On 22/05/2008

Traduz p/ portugues!

Avatar mvampireheart

Mvampireheart On 22/05/2008

Mano zélia gattai morreuuuu kkkkkkkkkk


Avatar mes_secrets

Mes_secrets On 22/05/2008

Rodrigoo ..
Vc realmente gostou desses questionários hein?!





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