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You make me wanna LA LA

So just remember this, when she's chasing you down
Face first you'll be thrown onto the proving grounds
She'll knock you out.

- Te amo, amor <3

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On June 09 2014 at Antofagasta, Chile 10 Views

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_rigato_ On 09/06/2014


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  • dropdeadheart


    This is a fotolog group about people that wears Dropdead clothing, that is characterized by their innovative, coloured and original designs.-

  • scene_0r_die


    Grupo fotolog dedicado para toda la gente con estilo Scene kid , Fashionxcore; asi como sus looks diarios y estilos propios de cada persona.

    Group fotolog dedicated for the whole people with style Scene kid, Fashionxcore; this way as his daily looks and own styles of every person.

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