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View from West Seattle

On September 30 2014 at Washington, United States 382 Views

Digital camera : Canon / DSLR

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 Goldcam On 19/11/2014


Avatar mad_max_2050

Mad_max_2050 On 28/10/2014

Amazing image Paul!

Avatar beata_horala

Beata_horala On 26/10/2014

beautiful - as always

Avatar timppa555

Timppa555 On 21/10/2014

a great view

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 Goldcam On 20/10/2014

Una preciosa foto ¡¡¡

Un abrazo Paul.

Avatar coffee_drinker

Coffee_drinker On 19/10/2014

This is a stunning capture, the colours are amazing. What a landscape!

Avatar pcygo

Pcygo On 04/10/2014

How is it that in your photos here
so seldom people are seen?

Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety On 03/10/2014

Five dimensions, I like it! Nice capture! I hope all is well with you all! :-)

Avatar pwolman

Pwolman On 30/09/2014

Thanks all for the comments !!

Avatar mandagaz

Mandagaz On 30/09/2014

Gorgeous figures, silver sea and golden sky. Precious:)

Avatar hall2002

Hall2002 On 30/09/2014

Belles montagnes noires sur fond de ciel brûlant !

Bon retour sur Fotolog ! ;-)

Avatar birgit

Birgit On 30/09/2014

A wonderful view Paul! And nice to "see" you again!
Love, Birgit


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