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Woof 2010

Here is Greta in her halloween costume- cutest doggie ever!

On November 19 2010 14 Views

Avatar theappertifamily

Theappertifamily On 21/11/2010

what a cute puppy!!! you are so sweet!! it was so sweet how you made Dante laugh yesterday!!! see you guys soon!!

Avatar kgmaherfamily

Kgmaherfamily On 21/11/2010

Oh, those dimples..!

Avatar themaherfamily

Themaherfamily On 20/11/2010

AWWWW!!! What an adorable little expression on her face....LOVE IT!! I miss you little Greta!!! :)

Avatar egroves403

Egroves403 On 19/11/2010

The most Beautiful Doggie I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!
Love MOM Groves

Avatar znojtwins

Znojtwins On 19/11/2010

Seriously look at that face -- what a dang cute doggie!!! This girlie is just the cutest thing ever!!!


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