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Eu gostava de qndo tinha tempo livre. ;(

"Do you remember the day we met
I remember the innocence in your eyes
Do you remember the words we said
You promised me to be the one to love me eternally

I never lied
I never lied to you
I promised you to be the one to never let you down
I never lied
I never lied to you
Have you never seen, the dark clouds in the sky were hunting me

Can you hold me for the last time
There is no time for me to lose
I feel my soul is lost in isolation
Can you hold me for the last time
My time is running out
Every second i still got
Turns into desperation"

On January 20 2012 128 Views

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Woma_82 On 20/01/2012

que fofa! A eu estou bem *-*, aproveitando as férias hahaha


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