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Rotating Natural flowing bubble machine or Spaghetti & Meatballs

spazms & loop to loop triangular prism tree or not so well tied shoe laces on an old pair of gym shoes to be baked and fried after we leave planet eareth behind. thank you ''wet-wads'' for lingering around for to long in waisting to much of our alien tree time here after we crashed in roswell manyco

rags poordom lesson to learn rich in crackers polly wanted them spaghetti meatballs sweat glands eyes balls nude feet naked hands wet-wads they live on earth what do we care art foto modelo designer style wicked nerf soap rubber foam ball neoprene dorsel dumblilydum-kuchchachai numbskulls hook on mouse people-putz pretzel are good wrongdwongdinla sqwang gape balp-gapestang harrystyle guelplong-squidget dang it damd-it sang guit monster lisa lisa da narto facial dress pink brasil earth cultured whey whey creme cows dont taste like chocolate wet-wads lied

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Este grupo muestra fotos reales bien coloridas. Mostrando en una solo foto los colores del arcoiris, los mismos colores que salen de un prisma.
This group shows real and colorful photos. Showing in one single picture the color of a rainbow. The same colors we get out of a prism.

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  • fotodogs


    Este Fotolog es sobre perros. Solamente fotos de perros (sin personas). Favor de leer las reglas antes de hacer uso del grupo. Gracias.

    This Fotolog is about dogs. Just dogs (not people). Please read the rules before using this group. Thank you.

  • photograph_art


    Este es un grupo fotolog, para que todos los aficionados de la gran fotografía,suban aquí su mejor trabajo.
    Todo tipo de técnica fotográfica es bienvenida,siempre y cuando este adentro de las reglas de fotolog

    This is a group photo for all fans of the big picture, upload your best work here.
    All types of photographic techniques is welcome, as long as this in the rules of fotolog

    Arte de la fotografía
    Photograph Art

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