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Light Bearer

Tuli Ki Puna

ทา ทศ

fog insect light bearer mist Nina Veikkolainen NptV polestar sun tulikipuna Tuli Ki Puna

On March 29 2015 at 313 Views

Avatar timppa555

Timppa555 On 30/01/2016

see you in Flickr

Avatar isaloves2

Isaloves2 On 28/10/2015

Linda fotografia!

Avatar timppa555

Timppa555 On 24/10/2015


Avatar strato_dust

Strato_dust On 07/05/2015

Hola :)
tanto tiempo sin saber de ti.
Estaba revisando mi log después de mucho tiempo y me encontré con muchas personas a las cuales no les hablaba hace mucho tiempo (incluyendote)
Espero que estés muy bien.


Avatar polestar

polestar On 08/05/2015

Ahhh... it was HERE where you "found" me again... So, good I mentioned my Fb (and Flickr) below the photo! :)

Avatar hikingangel

Hikingangel On 31/03/2015

just got back to fotolog this is a neat picture....

Avatar polestar

polestar On 11/04/2015

Thank you! :)

By accidentally (the nice and surprising one) also I got back... though I'm not sure that am I really back or is it only for this one photo....

Avatar qualcapperocosi

Qualcapperocosi On 31/03/2015

Fantastico! Grazie cara.
Scrivimi a [email protected]
Ho così tante cose da dirti.
Ora scappo che sto lavorando.
Ciao ^,^

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 31/03/2015

love the photo, and the title you give it.

Avatar polestar

polestar On 31/03/2015

Thank you very much! :)

Avatar qualcapperocosi

Qualcapperocosi On 29/03/2015

My dear it's a big surprise for me too. To read you again my friend... :)
How many years are passed I don't know.
But I know every time I watch the polestar in the sky I think to you.
Hope everything's good. and I can guess this watchng some baby's pictures...beautiful!

I lost almost all old contacts, email adresses, various accounts and more.
I But I preserve tender memories of you.
Thanks to write me.
Waiting to know all your incredible steps in this short, fast, complicated life!

(your new picture posted here...it's one of my most researched shots. Great Nina!)

Your firend, Dario


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