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In memoriam: Cindy Zackowitz, Glaciergirl1, 28.5.1965-23.9.2012

Oh Cindy... :(
How sad news I read, when I finally "got lost" here after a long long time...
You left so early... and that makes me think...
It was a pleasure to know you during these years.
So pity, that it only happened virtually, and I was away for these couple of last years...
Also I will always remember you, your always kind comments and gorgeous photos.
Thank you.
Rest in peace...

Lovely Cindy and her lovely photos and haikus:

- http://www.fotolog.com/glaciergirl1/321000000000013423/
- http://www.thehaikufoundation.org/poet-details/?IDclient=1003
- http://home.gci.net/~alaskahaiku/cindy.html
- http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/adn/obituary.aspx?pid=160147864#fbLoggedOut
- http://www.tempslibres.org/cindy/en/centre.html

cindy zackowitz glaciergirl1 alaska haiku

On January 28 2013 at 1237 Views

Avatar lacugna

Lacugna On 22/02/2014

Oh Goodness I too have been away and am sadder also

Avatar angie_oh_angie

Angie_oh_angie On 17/07/2013

:( :( :(

Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety On 04/06/2013

Very nice! yes we all still miss Cindy. Her photography was outstanding for sure! Sometime in life one, or a few individuals make an impression on us, and Cindy was one of these people. Bless her and her Art! We all hold her in our hearts and in our memories in this fashion.

I didn't know Gerda, but I do have one or two contacts in the Netherlands, probably the same as you. As a matter of fact it was that contact in the Netherlands who notified me on FB of Cindy's passing at that time.

All the best to you. I know the virtuality can become tiresome, but we all need to stay in touch somehow ir order to share our art, right.

So stay in touch.


Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety On 10/02/2013

She also had a Facebook page! Sadly missed by all!

Avatar polestar

polestar On 13/02/2013

Unfortunately I didn't know her at Fb and it's so pity that neither here or elsewhere I didn't keep in touch during my absence.

I just got totally fed up with virtuality, but some people stay on mind and I should have taken it as a 'sign' to not to abandon them.

I don't know if you knew other Fotologger called Gerda, 'laligna' from Netherlands... Both she and Cindy always left a nice comment for every photo of mine, and were one of those Fotologgers who I remembered. I don't know if Gerda beat her illness... I just asked about it from someone, who kept in touch with her, but neither she hadn't heard about Gerda for a long time...

Avatar mazette

Mazette On 02/02/2013

I'm so sad to learn this new...How did you know it ? What happened to Cindy ? ;-(

Avatar hsjrsafety

hsjrsafety On 10/02/2013

Cindy passed away September 23, 2012. Sadly missed by many!

Avatar polestar

polestar On 13/02/2013

Yes, she already passed away last autumn, but I did not know about it until now, because I have not visited here for a long time...
I was searching something by Google and one of the results led me to Fotolog. :D Next I found myself at Cindy's page and noticed 'strange messages' and I realized what was going on...

Avatar skalli

Skalli On 29/01/2013

Hola Nina
Que noticia mas triste.
Un abrazo

Avatar polestar

polestar On 13/02/2013

¡Hola Yuya, cuánto tiempo! :)


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