Avatar polaroid_billy

listen - if you ask me to add you to my ffs - you're an idiot

and I'll block you from commenting here. I'm not adding anyone to my ffs so get lost.

On July 21 2009 12 Views

Avatar vronik_5

Vronik_5 On 22/07/2009

buena onda de fotos!

Avatar l1monada

L1monada On 22/07/2009




Avatar stoopmauricio

Stoopmauricio On 21/07/2009

Saluudosss cuidatee :)

Avatar bennasii

Bennasii On 21/07/2009

Como amo estas fotografias.

Avatar stupidxmenntt

Stupidxmenntt On 21/07/2009

kquidattee besiittos pasatee por el mioo ^^!

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