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Boy Genius is the masterful mind behind the poker blog: Random thoughts and thoroughbred selections. He`s really your typical almost 30 mid-manager from a small Midwestern hamlet in West Michigan. Of course, when he puts the mask on to reveal his online alter ego, he`s a danger to himself and others both on the poker tables and off.

On May 18 2004 47 Views

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S On 28/11/2004

Nice pic. If you want, add your bolg to indexpoker.com

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Arthurmetal777 (Brasil) On 31/10/2004

hello!!!!!!!amigo, all right?? bom desenhogosto muito do jimmy neutronaqui no Brazil todo sabado ta na TVna rede GLOBO, que deve ter ai tambem.....good bye from Brasil.....!!!!!!!!!1:)

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Barbara Jean On 22/09/2004

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Godfrey Daniels On 23/07/2004

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