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Pinion Pine Tree of Millard Co. Utah, Photo by Aaron A Amyx b

AMAZING ISN'T IT! There's plenty more where I got this picture to where there is more fabulous shots I took of many amazing desert and wilderness scenes. Meanwhile due to the strength of my photography and music you will once in a while notice several individuals are trying to claim they taught me something or schooled me in learning my natural traits.

In fact, I never needed any schooling or professional aids due to growing up and having the natural knacks on my own. I even have noticed many guitarists throughout several years. Trying my patience to hoping I would give them guidance and music I formulate in my mind as fast as I see hour after hour of amazing scenes everyday around me.

There have been many great guitarists, drummers, violinists and numerous of other talented people that have shown me they can do the job well. But way to many give up to fast! If you want to know what my music sounds like. You'll have to make a trip down here and repeat with your instruments the music that comes out of my mouth. ''Have anyone heard the Iceland natives vocal musical vibes they give off for several minutes without taking a breath. That's how good I am when no low pressure pollutants is suffocating me.

If you can sing.'' Get up in front of people and on stages and do it! Critters here may not like it.''

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Este grupo enseñara y a cuidar las plantas,y todos
los amigos subiran sus picks de sus jardines ,consejos de como cuidar una planta,ademas se veran que tipo de plantas y cuales son las mejores ,para cada estación del año y como cuidarlas.y
Paisajes del mundo pueblos .....rios ,lagos ,castillos,casas señoriales.
y tambien MONTRUOS DE RIO .

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