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Sakew Chrome back

Retour du froid, retour du chrome.

2013 chrome cold graffiti

On November 21 2013 at Nancy, Lorraine, France 259 Views

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Raneone1 On 09/12/2014


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Cenja On 01/12/2013


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piksquare On 01/12/2013

Merci ;)


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Epinal-Nancy, Lorraine, France

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    Ce groupe se veut être la vitrine du graffiti français sur Fotolog.
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    Este grupo quiere ser el escaparate del graffiti francés sobre Fotolog.
    Este grupo quer ser ser a janela dos grafitos franceses em Fotolog.

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    This group is about dead zones all over the world.
    The goal is to have nice pics of abandonned places to make graffiti writers dream (and other people too!)

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