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Ramiro Quesada . San Juan

Laura Adámoli de Bravo con el artista mendocino, Ramiro Quesada, la directora del Museo, Ana María Zibarelli de Rossi y Delfina Castellano.

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Pi Day takes place every year on 3/14. This account is for anyone to post pictures of pi on or around Pi Day.

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    One of Fotolog's oldest groups, and just what it says: photos of numbers, in order. With our international group eye, we are now in the 1000s and cruising along the number lines. We will go on! MUST be your own photos of numbers you have found out in the world!

  • twentythree


    when you see
    a 23
    take a photo
    log onto
    this fotolog
    and post it here

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